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The beauty of the Philippine Islands, known as the Pearl of the Orient, has enthralled many foreigners. Even Filipinos overseas wish to retire on a scenic hilltop estate, with a 3bedroom apartment in the city. The warm people, lovely smiles, exotic culture and low cost of living are the key benefits of living in the Philippines. Many people who decide to stay want to buy real estate in Philippines. The current economic downturn presents a great opportunity to buy your very own country estate or city apartment. Associated with such opportunities are the risks of dealing with unscrupulous so-called brokers, false marketing and deceitful developers. With this Guide to Buying Property in Philippines, "Buying Philippines Property" by Andrew Sheldon, international real estate investor, foreigners and Filipino expats can learn how to protect themselves and enable themselves to purchase a great property investment in Philippines.

Many foreign home buyers and investors and Filipino overseas contract workers (OFWs) of Philippine property or Philippine Real Estate have relied on this book, "Buying Philippines Property". This 2 volume 300 page book contains critical analysis and insightful details for buying property in the Philippines – from ground work, researching about places in Philippines, Philippine real estate contracts, Philippine real estate laws, Philippine property regulations, Philippine real estate case studies, to actual purchase and securing control over Philippine property.

Buying Philippines Property - Get your copy now! The valuable contents of this book is an accumulation of strategic analysis and critical insights. Research for this Philippine property guide included experts from the Philippine Bureau of Lands, professional real estate brokers, customers/investors and business consultants.

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This eBook set comprises over 320 pages of insights, critical analysis, strategies and facts on the Philippines property market.
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